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Become a Part of the Magic!

We believe that early childhood is a journey and that no two paths look the same.

At Sticks and Stones Preschool, we are passionate about preserving the wonder

of early childhood. We believe in authentic real connections - a connection to the

earth and a connection to each other. We know that when children are connected to

their learning, they soar. Before all else, we make sure that each child feels safe

and loved for exactly who they are. 

We would be honored to be a part of your child's journey! 

Multiage Learning

Children learn from each other and learn from all different age groups. Multiage play encourages richer conversations and broader imaginative play while creating a family-like environment. Our school is open for 3-5 year old's and we all love exploring together. 



Stretching, breathing and moving our growing bodies in mindful ways keeps us aware of the present moment.

We believe in the importance of teaching mindfulness everyday in

our school as a lifelong tool. 


Children engage in outdoor nature play each day at school in all different kinds of weather. We believe the connection between nature and children helps with their healthy growth and development. 

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Child-Led & Play-Based

Spontaneous, messy, child led play is the backbone

of our program. Our students are the directors of

their own play and the creators of their own masterpieces. We strive to always offer a beautiful environment that is conducive to creativity,

imagination and discovery. We believe that an

early childhood experience rich in play and

imagination are the best building blocks

for future academic success. 

"We can be loved, just as we are."

- Fred Rogers

Begin your journey with us today!

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