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About us

Welcome to Sticks and Stones Preschool!

Sticks and Stones Preschool, a DCFS licensed school, was created from a dream and a vision of long-time Westchester residents who believed that this nature-inspired and play-based preschool would be a wonderful addition to their town. With the generous support of the Westchester Community Church, we knew the perfect spot to build our multiage early childhood program would be here. The spacious classrooms offer so much light and the beautiful grounds invites us to run and explore under the sun. Sticks and Stones Preschool is focused on the power of play, mindfulness and having a connection to the earth in these important early years of life.

We are proud of our team for always learning and striving to offer the best for our children in an ever-changing community and world. We believe that each child is a gift with endless potential. Our job is to facilitate them in finding their voice and shining their light.

We believe that play is crucial for children’s growth. Self-directed, open-ended, spontaneous, messy, imaginative play is the backbone of our program. We believe that all children are innate artists who need choices and lots of materials to explore and express themselves everyday. Our inside space is wonderful to help foster creativity and imagination. 


At Sticks and Stones, instilling a positive connection to nature is vital. We make getting outside in all-weather a top priority. Moving outdoors is wonderful for growing bodies. Playing outdoors builds resilience. Taking risks builds confidence. We help nurture their sense of wonder of the world around them. 

We understand how important it is for children to feel safe and loved for exactly who they are every day. Being a multiage preschool, children learn from each other and learn from all ages. This dynamic creates a family-like environment where everyone feels welcomed and feels they are an important part of a community of learners.


We believe in the importance of teaching mindfulness every day in our classroom as a lifelong tool. Stretching, breathing and moving our growing bodies in mindful ways keeps us aware of the present moment.


We believe that early childhood is a journey and that no two paths look the same. We would love for your child to be a part of the magic. 



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