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multiage learning

The Multiage Journey

Throughout our time teaching, we have witnessed the magic that happens during multiage play. We believe that early childhood is a beautiful sacred journey and never a race. With this belief driving the passion of our team, we are proud to be a multiage preschool.


What is a multiage preschool? A multiage preschool is a school where the age groups are combined. Rather than having a classroom of only three, four, or five year old's, these three age groups will share a large space and also share all of the teachers.  We have researched the benefits and the various models and this method has been used for many years in Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori schools. In this model, the early education of the very young child is seen as an individual journey within a school family of unique learners.


● Allows older children to learn leadership skills while motivating the younger children
● Creates a strong sense of community and security
● Facilitates important relationships across age groups
● Fosters an environment of cooperation and learning from each other
● Develops a sense of family among classmates who become a “family of learners” that
support and care for one another
● Closely resembles what a child might experience in their home environment
● Children develop a sense of ownership of their own learning by being given choices,
which is the foundation of all future learning
● Children begin their journey with the same teachers and that relationship grows and
strengthens over their years enrolled at Sticks and Stones. 
● Children have several years to develop and are able to see themselves as successful
learners, maintaining and building self-esteem
● Children are viewed as unique individuals
● Teachers are able to group children in a variety of different ways to best meet their needs
● Teachers focus on teaching each child according to his or her strengths and needs
● Teachers develop a deep understanding of a child’s strengths and needs and are able to
support each individual child

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